What’s your employer’s cancer strategy?

Only 11% of employers have a strategy in place to support and target cancer risks in the workplace. Aon’s Benefit and Trends survey asked 200 employers from a range of industries on the support, education and plans they have regarding employee health.

Aon Survey

The survey found that despite the impact cancer has on employers, only a small number have plans in place for supporting employees with cancer or dealing with the financial consequences for the business. Even less (9%) had plans for heart conditions, and 21% had strategies to support those with musculoskeletal conditions, one of the most common reasons for UK absence.

Although only a few have a cancer strategy, 80% of employers are keen to improve awareness, education, access to treatment, and support in this area.

If you are an employer already dealing with these issues there are other resources available from Macmillan who provide a number of services:

  • Expert training
  • Consultancy
  • Information and support
  • Resources and support for line managers and HR

Pro-active support

Experts are keen to encourage the mantra of prevention being much more effective than cure when it comes to employer cancer strategies. When asked about areas of approach, mental health came out on top. This is unsurprising considering social commentary on the issue. But the survey also found that in reality not enough was being done. Although just under half of employers (43%) also said they were looking to evolve their employee support in this area also

Whether you are an employer looking to protect your business from the financial consequences of key employees suffering a critical illness or an employee taking matters into your own hands, we can provide a solution to provide the support you need both financially and structurally.

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