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Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance (or Death in Service) is one of the simplest but most highly-valued employee benefits that a company can provide for its employees.

  • Tax free payouts for an employee's loved ones
  • Bereavement Support
  • Highly valued employee benefit
  • Help attract new employees
  • Improve the retention of existing staff
  • Usually no medical questions
  • Demonstrates a duty of care as an employer

Group Health Insurance

Bespoke Group Health insurance solutions from across the market. providing wellbeing for both businesses and employees.

  • Provide employees access to private healthcare and bypass lengthy NHS waiting lists
  • Highly valued by employees, aiding both recruitment and retention
  • Reduce staff absenteeism
  • Premiums usually allowable business expense against corporation tax
  • May be possible to reduce National Insurance bill if employers pay for family members via salary sacrifice.

Group Critical Illness

Group Critical illness is an employee benefit paying a lump sum benefit if an employee suffers a specified critical illness. It is possible with some providers to extend the cover to spouses or cohabiting partners

  • Can be paid by the employee, employer or both
  • Usually no medical questions
  • Highly valued employee benefit
  • Help attract new employees
  • Improve the retention of existing staff
  • Demonstrate a duty of care as an employer
  • Excludes pre-existing conditions

Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection plans are used by employers to help manage the cost of long term absence due to sickness/injury of employees as well as the associated costs.

  • Provides financial benefit to employer
  • Rehabilitation support for employees and absence management
  • Allows the business to provide longer sick pay benefits and help with continued costs such as pension contributions
  • This will help to maintain a high calibre of staff and boost morale
  • Benefits are usually based on an employees earnings with bespoke options available to meet specific budgets

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