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How can individuals and business prepare for a sudden drop in income?

Protecting our incomes so that we can continue to pay our bills just got cheaper and now includes cover for children in case you need time off to care for them.

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Space Tourism is set to become a real thing in most of our lifetimes and should aliens, meteor strike or more likely mechanical failure bring an early demise to those first brave adventurers; they will want to make sure their families back on terra firma are looked after.

The wellness of employees is becoming more of a focus for UK businesses, as they look to protect both the physical and mental health of their workers. After all keeping employees healthy and happy is key to remaining profitable in any industry. We look at how assistance can be provided for free with your insurance.

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The only way to decide if you need cover is to simply imagine the consequences if you became too sick/injured to work and stopped earning, for contractors and directors of small limited companies this can be severe:

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Instant quotes: My Insurance Hub is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new comparison search tool for over 50’s life insurance offering a free will writing service no matter which company you choose! It is now possible to search the market in less than 2 minutes, easily identifying the best policy for your