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Find out about the history of Critical illness and the latest improvements from Scottish Widows

Protecting your mortgage repayments with suitable cover such as life insurance, income protection, critical illness, and forms of payment protection, is vital in ensuring your home will not be repossessed if something was to happen that would stop you from working.

How would you cope?

What would you do if your income stopped due to illness, accident or injury? Even high earning hospital doctors are at risk financially if they suddenly find themselves unable to work.

Image of sick little girl

Cirencester Friendly have extended their member benefits service to include protection for your children when you need it the most. It is a free benefit and offered to all Members that hold an income protection contract with the Society.

Ben is competing in one of the toughest IronMan events in the UK to support the family of his friend and Mentor Julian who passed away just before Christmas.

Alzheimer’s #ShareTheOrange

Samuel L Jackson tells you why dementia is NOT a natural part of ageing:

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