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Savings for mums

As if being a mother wasn’t hard enough, balancing the financial future of yourself and your children makes it even tougher. So what advice can mothers take on making financial life that little bit easier and protecting their futures?

Insurance is often viewed with a sceptical eye and there is a tendancy to tar all types of insurance with the same brush.

If you were asked about the word “protection”, would you associate it with life and critical illness cover, protecting your income, perhaps a suit of armour or 5 iron cunningly concealed under the bed?

A petition gathering support to remain in the EU gathered so much support in the first few hours that it overloaded governement servers!

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Although only a few have a cancer strategy, 80% of employers are keen to improve awareness, education, access to treatment, and support in this area.

Despite Critical Illness and Life Insurance products offering even more value, with added benefits and extra support offered to customers, the cost of premiums is still dropping. This goes against supposed logic, so experts are looking into why this might be.