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How HMRC treats the taxation of relevant life policies is the key to their success, small companies are able to take out Relevant Life making huge savings in a number of areas.

Do you need Group Protection?

Employees get the right support to help return to work as soon as possible and treatment when they need it.

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Leading provider Legal and General have announced new claim statistics for 2018, revealing that they paid out £638m in individual protection claims.

If you are trying to lead a healthy lifesyle then getting stressed from work will likely put an end to those goals pretty quick: you’ll struggle to gain muscle mass, feel lethargic, and start to put on weight.

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Rising Obesity across the UK is a real issue, but how bad is the situation and what does it mean for children and adults?

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More than half of us in the UK are using an alarm to wake up in the morning, with over four-fifths hitting the snooze button to catch a few more winks. But is this a good idea?