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Ben is competing in one of the toughest IronMan events in the UK to support the family of his friend and Mentor Julian who passed away just before Christmas.

Alzheimer’s #ShareTheOrange

Samuel L Jackson tells you why dementia is NOT a natural part of ageing:

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Do you need Smart Health?

AIG Life are providing a free virtual GP service, Best Doctors, fitness and diet plans and more to both new AND existing Life Insurance, Income Protection and Business Protection policies.

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How can individuals and business prepare for a sudden drop in income?

Protecting our incomes so that we can continue to pay our bills just got cheaper and now includes cover for children in case you need time off to care for them.

Image Life Insurance In Space

Space Tourism is set to become a real thing in most of our lifetimes and should aliens, meteor strike or more likely mechanical failure bring an early demise to those first brave adventurers; they will want to make sure their families back on terra firma are looked after.