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Benefits to Employees

  • Peace of Mind - Knowing loved ones are supported

  • Fast payments - Money is paid outside of probate and free of IHT

  • Apps to manage health - Many providers include support and incentive schemes

  • Not classed as a "Benefit in Kind"

  • Pre-existing conditions - Policies aren’t usually medically underwritten unless you exceed the free cover limit.

Benefits for you

  • Attractive Benefits Package - Help recruit and keep the right staff

  • Premium Tax Relief - Depending on scheme choices, including Excepted Group Life policies, also known as relevant life policies.

  • Adjustable Benefits - Directors, managers and staff can be insured according to seniority in the firm.

  • 44 % of UK employees - considered company benefits to be one of the most important qualities when looking for a new company

  • Improve employee happyness - Nearly 1 in 5 UK staff are unhappy in their job due to a lack of benefits - "Investors in People"

Death in Service - Benefits for both Employer and Employee