Specialist Diabetic Insurance

We provide a number of policies specifically designed for ALL diabetics, these providers reward individuals who control their condition and provide help and incentives to those who struggle.

Diabetic Insurance - My Insurance Hub

It can be hard to find life insurance, critical illness or income protection as a diabetic, but as experts in this area we are able to help you find the provider who will not only offer cover but at the best price available.

Life Insurance for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics!

Managed Life Insurance - Type 1 or Type 2 with high HbA1c readings

If you are a Type 1 diabetic, or Type 2 with HBA1c readings which are higher than your GP would like you may think it is impossible to get cover. However we are able to provide cover for ALL diabetics.

Managed life plans reward individuals who improve their diabetic control after the plan is in force by lowering your premiums year on year if you get better readings.

  • Available to Type 1 diabetics
  • Available to Type 2 diabetics with high HbA1c readings
  • Premiums can reduce by up to 40% if HbA1c levels improve over time
  • Premiums are guaranteed never to rise beyond the starting price
  • Immediate cover
  • Access to specialist diabetic nurse for support and advice

Diabetic Life & Critical Illness Insurance - Type 2 - Good Control

If your diabetes is type 2 and well controlled; either with medication or diet, we will be able to find you a provider who takes this into account and gives you the best price on a fixed basis!

These plans are available to diabetics who fit the following criteria:

  • Non-smoker
  • BMI in normal range
  • Good recent HBA1c reading
  • No complications such as: neuropathy or retinopathy

My Insurance Hub have been campaigning for insurance providers to be fairer to diabetics, who in the past have struggled to find any protection policies at all. Significant improvements have been made in recent months with type 2 diabetic critical illness plans now being offered, as well as "managed life" policies for type 1 diabetics or people with higher HBA1c readings

Critical illness plans may have some exclusions such as cardiovascular and eye conditions which can vary between providers.

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Protecting your income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury is now available to type 2 diabetics!

Income Protection - Type 2 diabetes

It is now possible to get income protection, with no exclusions for time off work due to diabetes itself.

If you live with this condition (especially if you are self-employed) then protecting your salary should you be struck down by illness or injury is extremely important.

  • Guaranteed and Age costed premiums available
  • Full term payouts
  • Option to reduced claim periods of 2 or 5 year (per claim) to reduce the price if needed
  • "Own occupation" based policies (the best)

If you are a self-employed diabetic and the sole director of a limited company then please speak to us about an Executive Income Protection plan, which will be of particular interest to you.

Get 5* Independently rated advice at the low prices available from a market comparison website, The right Diabetic Life or Critical illness insurance policy, for the best price, for individual and business needs we tailor the product to you!

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