Coronavirus Insurance Statements

Aviva Insurance

COVID-19 Statement

Aviva have pulled together a short question and answer page on their website giving information on their position with regard to their different types of cover, the effect on their underwriting policies and guidance.

Aviva updated their underwriting questions within their application and are now at providing terms to any applications that requires medical evidence.

AIG Life

Cornonavirus HUB

AIG have a HUB for COVID info on their website giving access to many of their free services such as virtual GP and online health checks and mental health support through their "Smart Health" program.

AIG also have a Q&A page for the most common queries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers struggling with payments are also offered the option to temporarily reduce their cover or defer their payments so that they do not lose essential cover. 

Aegon life insurance quotes

Aegon Q&A

Aegon's have a page dedicated Q&A for coronavirus related queries, however this is also aimed at investment and pension customers, the section on protection can be found half way down the page.

Aegon have added some questions relating to coronavirus on their applications and cover is unlikely to be offered if you are suffering symptoms or have been in direct contact with someone who has.

LV Insurance

Dedicated Updates

LV= have a dedicated area on coronavirus updates.

For details on the impact on any life insurance or critical illness plans you can find more information here.

This includes their approach to cases where a diagnosis is confirmed and to clients under self isolation.

Royal London insurance

Policies for NHS workers

Royal London have a page dedicated to updates on what they are doing to help customers get plans setup or help deal with claims and queries during the pandemic.

They recently resumed medical screenings when necessary but are limiting them as much as possible to help reduce strain on the NHS.

They are also one of the few providers that will consider new policies for NHS workers even when they have been in direct contact with coronavirus patients.

Scottish Widows quote

Not Excluded

Scottish Widows have confirmed that they have no "blanket" coronavirus exclusion on their plans.

They do however require that any current investigations/symptoms relating to the virus are disclosed on any application. The end result is that should you answer yes to those questions they will ask postpone your application until the symptoms no longer persist.

Scottish Widows also confirmed that Life and Critical illness claims will be assessed as normal, with no coronavirus exclusion.

Here is a detailed page relating to all things  COVID-19 & Scottish Widows 

Vitality Insurance


Vitality are operating normally and have a page dedicated to COVID-19 queries relating to health insurance, critical illness and income protection.

They have made changes to the points system designed to reward members for excersise, as well as providing free access to virtual classes from Peloton.

Vitality have also confirmed that not only is Coronavirus covered under life insurance but it is also covered on income protection "where medical quarantine is imposed by a doctor for Coronavirus, and where you are unable to perform your work duties whilst in quarantine."

This is subject to all the normal terms and conditions of your policy.


Life insurance Zurich

Protection FAQ's

Zurich have admitted that their contact centres are taking longer than normal to deal with queries with staff working from home.

However they are otherwise still trading as normal and have a page dedicated to providing guidance on how they are dealing with all aspects of the outbreak on the website.

Zurich have also stated that they will allow existing customers to either reduce their cover temporarily or defer payments if they are unable to meet their direct debits currently due to a temporary drop in their income.

Exeter Heath insurance
The Exeter

Customer Assistance

The Exeter as a health insurance provider have experienced a reduction in private medical claims.

They have generously stated on their Coronavirus update that because of this The Exeter will be passing these savings back to their members with reduced premiums in future as well as increasing their hospitalisation benefit.

The Exeter are also reminding their members that they have access to a number of support services such as virtual GP consultations under their "healthwise" package, these can be used for general treatment and advice on non-urgent medical conditions.

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