Protection Bulletin - Bereavement Support

Does your cover provide bereavement support?

Aviva Insurance

As part of expanding their value-added services, Aviva has introduced further legal, practical, and financial support for bereaved families of Whole of Life and Life Cover customers.

Customers can now know that their families will have access to a digital toolkit to help them deal with administrating their estate. Aviva has also launched a practical guide to help with further difficulties in dealing with loss.

The death of a loved one can mean dealing with a range of legal issues and funerals arrangements. That’s why Aviva has added the toolkit to the existing support available, which includes face-to-face and telephone bereavement support, as well as advanced payments to help with funeral costs.

Aviva’s estate administration support uses MyDigiExecutor, a clever digital toolkit providing information, checklists, and templates that families will need when dealing with legal processes. Aviva believes that although this cannot take away the feeling of loss, it is important to support families in any way they can.

Aviva also offer a “Practical Guide to Bereavement”, this is a guide to the essential administrative tasks that follow a death, for example registering the death and arranging the funeral. 

The administration of an estate can be difficult and providing assistance to guide a bereaved family member through the process can prove invaluable.

Mark Cracknell – Heald of Protection said “It is important to offer the families of bereaved customers further help and support”, Aviva hopes to help customers during a difficult period following the loss of a family member.

Call us today on 0800 024 8685 and we can look through the products available to suit you.

If you are already dealing with the loss of a loved one and need some help; use Cruse to help find a bereavement councillor in your area. You can also call their helpline on 0808 8081677 to talk about your relationship, fears and feelings.